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WTTF: Old computer (or parts)


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Just wondering if anyone around these parts has an old computer (400MHZ+) lying around that is collecting dust you want to get rid of. The pc I'm going to be using in my jukebox project has been giving me some fits lately and it would be nice to have a backup (or replacement) for it but I'd rather not buy anything new for it.


I've got lots of stuff around here that I'd be willing to trade (Games, DVDs, Cd Changers etc etc etc) If you are looking for something in particular just let me know.


Or if you just have pieces (MB/processor, etc) just let me know maybe I could build one up that way too.



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There are a few projects on the horizon that I could use older PCs for so if anyone else has anything please let me know too.


Some stuff I have that I would be interested in trading for PC stuff (I might add more things later also & if nothing happens tradewise I'll list it for sale probably)



DC stuff:


Dreamcast System


XBOX games:


Brute Force

Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO

Counter Strike

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix (w/ Dancepad)

GTA Double Pack

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Robotech: Battlecry



Electronic odds and ends:



Olympus D-150 zoom Digital Camera - 1.3 Megapixel

(I believe It has a 64MB card in it)

Works great and is in good condition I just upgraded.


I have a couple of Sony 200 disc CD changers but I'm not sure about shipping them as they are HUGE and heavy, but If they really interest you maybe we can work something out.

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