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point of diminished returns


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So I've been thinking lately about the latest consoles and future consoles and the quality of the games (graphics, stories, movies, sound...everything). The hardware is getting more and more complex and the media is being able to store more and more data. At what point will it get to where it just takes so long to create a single game where the whole system just collapses upon itself? Right now it takes a good chunk of the year or even more than a year to create a first rate title. Every system that comes out will just keep pushing that further and further. I'm fearing that eventually we'll hit a wall where the companies will push out so much filler crap (even more than they do today) just to give themselves more time for the big titles and the consumers will get tired of waiting.


Am I the only one that thinks that this is bound to happen as the consoles get more and more powerful?

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It will probably end up being more like PC's where someone will spend the year or two to make a game engine then people will just apply content to it.


Something thats already fairly prevelant even today. Munch's Odysee used the NetImmerese engine I believe (3.0 if memory serves). There are a great number of titles that are using the Renderware engine (The one that powers the GTA titles). Splinter Cell is built on a heavily modified version of the Unreal 2 engine as are a great many game coming (such as Rainbow Six 3 etc..).


Though I think there will always be developers that prefer creating their own engines fo their own reasons. (Nintendo, Sega etc etc..) you make a compelling point Darius.

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