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Anyone dream of tornadoes...alot?

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I've never seen on in person. Never been through the aftermath of one. Never lost anyone or anything to one.


But, if dreams counted, I've survived more tornado rampages than any living human on earth!


I've been facinated with them since I was very young and, I guess that somewhere along the way to becoming an adult, tornadoes made a permanent imprint on my subconscious.


It's to the point now where, I'm not even scared of them in my dreams; much. Can't tell you how many times it's been a nice, bright, sunny day in dreamland, only to have the sky's darken and my subconscious nemesis shows it's face, once again.


Now that I think of it, I've never been hurt or killed by any of the tornadoes in my dreams. And, for the most part, the don't seem to come after me in particular. They're just there. I avoid them. Try to anyway.


Oh yeah, tidal waves (tsunamis), while not being a prevalent as the tornadoes, they too make semi-frequent appearances in my dreams.


I guess they're not around as much since I have to be at the beach. :) Don't have a whole lot of "beach themed" dreams! But, from time to time, when I'm at the beach...dreaming of course, I always have to keep a watchful eye on the horizon. It starts lifting up; it's "oh shit" time!


I HAVE been whacked a few times, in my dreams, by the tsunamis. :cry:

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Jun 25 2004, 06:24 AM

Anyone dream of tornadoes...alot?


I think he's taken.



I think I have dreamed of tornadoes before. But my most common 'disaster' dream by far is earthquakes...which shouldn't be surprising since I've experienced many of them since childhood.

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I haven't had thematic dreams since high school, but I have some interesting stories to tell based on them. They're actually responsible (for the most part) for my username. You can read the short version in the "Origin of your username" thread that we have around here somewhere.


The only other recurrence that I have is reserved for when I have a fever. In the dream I am walking down the sidewalk on a dark autumn at night. The air is cold and I'm slowly walking along a picket fence, along which I am running a stick. This produces a slow, pleasant ticking sound. Eventually I feel a presence behind me. I begin to walk faster, all the while keeping the stick along the fence. The ticking sound slowly builds up to a machine gun pace as my fear builds and my feet churn to get away from the unseen evil.


The sound of the frantic stick remains as the image changes to a massive vat of cream-colored liquid that looks like cake batter. It swirls in a lazy spiral, turned by something unseen. As I get closer to the substance it begins to become unpleasant. Harder, more jagged, and darker, almost as if the liquid is crystalizing. Soon the very air around me is sharp and dark. The ticking sound is mind-numbing in its pace and I feel as though I am encased in rock as I continue to descend into this churning mixture of dirty quartz.


Then I awake, usually very disoriented, but the ticking takes awhile to go away.

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