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Outlaw Golf 2


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What made it more fun than any other golf game?


Personally, I wouldn't rate it as the most fun golf game ever (that honour goes to the first Hot Shots Golf or Mario Golf on the GBC), but it's just an above average implementation of golf wrapped up in a very well done tongue in cheek "spoof" style. Thus the characters you play are hookers, rednecks, dominatrix types instead of Tiger Woods, with a very funny commentary. Graphics are nice, sound is nice, presentation is nice. It's also very, very tough.


$20 for the sequel seems like a good price. I'd like to try before I buy though as I found the first very hard.

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IGN has a preview of two new online modes for Outlaw Golf 2. They are a cool twist on regular play that reward good shots, not just good scores. It also has something not found in many golf games - a driving range.


I was glad to read that Outlaw 2 supports four players on Live (a no-brainer, really). Street date is 10/19/04.

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