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Often times I have a new topic that I want to start, that I know could spawn some traffic and interesting discussion. Say for example I want to start a discussion about the "Ninja Gaiden Master Ninja Tournament." If there is already an "Official Ninja Gaiden" thread, it seems appropriate to post in that thread. This is not ideal though, because my specific sub-topic might be of interest to people, even though the "Official Ninja Gaiden" thread might not be. There is no way for people to know that I have started this new topic within a topic and so they won't bother jumping into the thread.


Do you know what I mean? A topic title is the hook that gets people to click and participate. When sub-topics are started within existing threads, only people who frequent a thread will know that someone has started a subtopic. I don't have a specific suggestion for addressing this need, but maybe someone does. I suppose having a formal interface device that accounted for this sub-topic idea, and where sub-topics could be exposed in thread listings (i.e. in the My Assistant search result pages), I think that would help people start and participate in sub-topic areas that fall through the cracks.

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