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Will you purchase Bard's Tale?


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I was reading a post in the Boneyard about a classic Commodore 64 TV plug-in game. The thread made me think about the Bard's Tale game and how much fun I had as a kid with it. I still smile thinking about the town and the different monsters I encountered.


The new Bard's Tale is being released this year and it is using the BG:DAII engine. I have mixed feelings about this game. I love a good hack and slash but it seems like the whole thing is getting carried away. I don't want Bard's Tale continued in this fashion any more than I wanted Fallout to go with the BG:DA engine. I almost feel like the developers are trying to cash in on the nostalgic feelings of these classic games.


I really don't know if I will give this title my money beyond giving it a go on my game pass. I was wondering how other people feel about this recent trend?

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Just like every other game I look at, if it is a good game that interests me I'll buy it. It sounds like they are skewering the fantasy RPG genre as much as supporting it, something new that could be fresh. Like what Scream was to 80s slasher flicks.

One thing I don't expect is for it to be just like the original games.


The part I'm excited about isn't that the name of the game is Bard's Tale, but that the name of the guy making it is Brain Fargo. He's got the chops, can he ressurrect the title?

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