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July Xbox Release List


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A lot of the games listed for this month seem to be unknown release dates but eb posted them anyway as gamestop dosnt have some of them. I posted that for the ones it involves Otherwise a very small release month with 1 big release.



Game of the Month

NCAA Football 2005


Ok ill say it now. Im not a big college football fan, but im going to be picking this years version up. I have seen a ton of vidoes, interviews, demos, reviews and so forth that as a football fan i need to get this. It dosnt hurt that it now has play on Live






NCAA Football 2005 (Live Play)

Room Zoom(Live Play)



Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers(probably delayed)

Samuri Warriors



Pure Pinball



Army Men Sarges Heroes





Worms 3D-Can it finally be. I doub it, but we can hope

ESPN Football 2k5



Wings of War-Mentioned on eb and not gamestop

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Worms 3D is tops on the list. I might rent Sudeki to see what all the fuss is about.


The rest of the list is expendable. (yes, even the NCAA game... one football game is enough for me and I don't follow colelge football well enough to warrant buying it*)


*or spelling "college" correctly

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My guess is Castle Shikigami is import-only, huh??

What is that game about anyways??


Nope, it's the US release of a Japanese 2D vertical shooter. It's fun, but nothing major - it's not upto the quality of the likes of Ikaruga

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Did Worms 3D move up to July 20th? It was still at 7/22 when I last checked EB (either this morning or last night) and the proxy police have blocked the site from work so I can't check it now.


I would love to pick up Sudeki, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

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