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Hello I am new and stupid...


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I am new to this place and it looks like you have a lot of ...as you say...non asshats here to play on Live with. However being that my small children have sucked the intelligence out of my brain what is with all the bus stuff? Is there any special way that the Live Scheduling works that I need to be aware of?


Thanks in advance!


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The "bus" stands for the "short bus," which is our derogatory term for "people who are so bad at First Person Shooters that they couldn't hit the side of a barn with a rocket launcher."


We're generally nice people who not only try to avoid being jerks online but have the added benefit of most likely not killing you 10 seconds into a game.

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Read through this thread - LCVG's introduction to short bus play.


Heck, back then we didn't even have a proper name but 'RS3 for crappy players'. In the days following that first event, Jay (Robot Monkey) presented us with the Ding! Fries are done! song. It seemed to sum us up pretty well as well as introducing several terms which have become synonomous with crappy RS3 players. These are (but not limited to):


Ding! Group Play

Short Bus Tour

Fry-day Night Gaming


Etc. etc.


Welcome, LupinLives! Would you like an apple pie with that? :green:

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Jun 27 2004, 09:31 PM

Hopefully you won't be tied up with your Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson plans and can join us.



Interesting (and completely off-topic ;) ) - when I see the name Lupin I think of Lupin the 3rd before the Harry Potter character ever comes to mind. (But I've read and enjoyed all the Potter books.)

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Actually it is Lupin the 3rd, but I am also a big fan of Remus Lupin so I don't mind any cases of mistaken indentity.


Thanks for the info....a site where I get to ride the short bus with other people who stink at RBS...momma keep the porch light on cause your little boy is coming home. :green:

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