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MMORPG's on the XBOX??

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I was wondering if these types of games could be done on the XBOX/Live with the current online model. Would dedicated servers need to be set up?? Would that make costs too high? Would you pay a monthly fee to play one?


I have an interest in these games, but, I have no interest in spending a ton of money upgrading my PC to do it if I'll eventually have the chance to play on LIVE.


Any thoughts...



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They are definitely possible but the chances of seeing one are somewhat slim at this point. True Fantasty Online was really the best hope of an MMO on the Xbox and it was recently cancelled (it still sucks to have to say that). There is also Citizen Zero being developed by Micro Forte. You can read about it here:




Given its relative release date I have my doubts that the game will ever see the light of day on the Xbox. I would not mind being wrong....

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MMORPGs are probably my favorite type of game to play and I think having one on the Xbox would probably spell the end of the sum total of my free time. That said, I was really looking forward to True Fantasy Live Online and also hate having to think about it being cancelled.


I remember when Live was first being talked about before beta/release, there was some discussion that Dark Age of Camelot may have some sort of port (but I think that was more rumor than anything) and there was the discussed Star Wars Galaxies port that was ultimately scrapped. For some reason, the Xbox seems to have some sort of curse when it comes to this kind of game type. :(

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