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Mega Man Battle Network 3

Mark E

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Has anybody else played these? I bought a GBA this weekend and picked this up for a measly $20 Canadian at Toys R Us last night so I'd have something for the bus. It's absolutely fantastic, I'm having such a blast with it.


Basically, it's an RPG/adventure title where you play as Lan, a boy who fights viruses on the 'net, using his Navi, which would be Mega Man. Other staples such as Roll, Gutsman, and Protoman make an appearance. What I really love about this game is the combat, which is basically an action version of Magic: The Gathering. You get to choose from 30 combat/support options and every "round" when your bar fills up, you can pick from five of them and use it to dish out damage, regain life, etc.


The combat is pretty brisk, which is good because there are a lot of encounters, but it's been great fun. The first boss battle is with a classic Mega Man villain and it was neat to see them being used in a different setting and role from the core games.


I highly recommend this one, lots of fun :tu:

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I can't speak to the third in the series but I had a blast with number 2. Even after the game was over there was more to do, including an entire area area that kicked my butt three ways to Sunday. I finished the main story, but I never collected all the chips or unlocked all the forms of Mega Man.


I should pick up #3 some day, though I imagine it to be more of the same.

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Apparently, according to IGN, it really is extremely similar to the first two, so there you go ;).


New to me though, and cheap, which is a big priority for me right now :P


CapCom doesn't like to mess with formula too much in its MegaMan titles anyway...

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To speak more to your initial comments I thought it was a fantastic new direction for the MegaMan franchise. I was tempted to pick up the GameCube version (the name escapes me at the moment, Battle Chip Challenge, maybe?) but I haven't seen it at a descent enough price yet.


I got the impression from #3's two different color versions that it was going the route of Pokemon, which turned me off a bit. Perhaps you could comment on that a bit, Mark, but I certainly wouldn't like to purchase two editions of the same game.

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Well, far as I can tell Shawn, the two versions have mostly the same regular chips, then each has five different MegaChips (which seem to basically be summons, and I know Blue has at least two of the main characters), and a different GigaChip (no idea what this is yet).


And there's a different boss on one level in either version. That's basically it, I have heard you can trade chips across GBAs, but I doubt it's a requisite, no more than it was for Pokemon unless you were being ultra-completist :).


My opinion of this game continues to jot upwards. I was just getting ready to say that combat was becoming a tad annoying, but suddenly the NaviCustomizer was activated (the whole concept behind this with its Tetris-style adjustments is fantastic) and I ended up doing double damage and speed with the Mega Buster, letting me cut through the low-level twerps like butter :green:.


Sign of a great game, in my opinion, that realizes when something's becoming a bit much and adjusts itself accordingly. :tu:

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Sorry for the double post, but I was chumming around the mall this afternoon enjoying the air conditioning when I happened upon a copy of MMBN 3 for $14.99 new at Gamestop. I chose the blue version for no real reason other than I like blue over white.


The funny thing is that the same game was $29.99 at the EB just down the walk way.


I've been needing a break from Final Fantasy Tactics and this should serve nicely.


As I was checking out the clerk asked me if I wanted MMBN 4, which had just arrived at the store. I didn't even know it was on the way.

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Mark, I have to thank you for bringing me back to the Battle Network. I'm enjoying this just as much as when I played #2, maybe more because there is a touch of nostalgia involved.


It truly is more of the same, but that isn't necessarily a detriment. I'm not far enough along to see any innovation, if it exists, but I'll enjoy it nontheless.

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Nice, glad to be of assistance, Shawn.


It's interesting, but every time I think the game is about to stagnate, something cool shows up.


Like my previous post with the NaviChip thing, starting to get a bit combat-weary when the custom styles opened up. I'm currently using the Heatsomething style and it's a LOT of fun to adjust your styles and upgrade them.


And damn is this game ever long! I'm at 20 hours now and only have 5 robot masters downed. Ye gods! Sweet value for money. The storyline and characters are great too, in a simple yet fun sort of way.

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I'm curious to see where you're at in this game, Mark. I'm at the N1 Grand Prix finals right now but got my butt handed to me by KingMan yet again. I'll have to shape up to get past him and move on with the story.


So far the only custom navi I have opened is Guts, which has a dependency on the buster attacks. I remember in MMBN 2 I had all of the core styles opened but never did get around to opening the ultimate style which was very much necessary if you wanted to survive the Undernet.


Even though I've played MMBN 2 I'm having a blast with this one.

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