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PS2 Hard Drive Questions

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So here's the deal. I would like to get a hard drive for my PS2. I basically have two options...the official Sony drive and an unofficial drive with the HD Loader application.


I have a few questions about the official drive. Can you use it like a memory card? I remember reading somewhere that you can basically copy files from your memory cards to the hard drive and vice versa, is this accurate? I really don't have much interest in playing FFXI now since City of Heroes takes up most of my time along with other single-player games, but I have access to a pretty cheap FFXI w/ hard drive package. I will also likely be getting Gran Turismo 4 when it comes out.


On the other hand, I have been reading about people slapping in 120-160GB drives with the HD loader package. I realize that some people may be using this for unscrupulous means, but if you have seen how many titles I OWN (about 100 next gen), I have no interest in piracy. Still, it is tempting to be able to have triple the space of the official drive for the same cost and be able to load some of my more frequently played games on the drive for less disc swapping.



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I have the official hdd and other than FFXI it is a paper weight. And since I don't have any interest in FFXI it just sits there. You can copy saves from your memory card to the hdd and back, but you can't use the saves on the hdd, the game will not see them. So you still need a memory card, the hdd is basically just used for backups of your saves.


I have also thought about the HD loader package for the same reason as you, less disc swapping. Just a note on the HD loader, you will not be able to play games that are on your hd online.

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