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Video Card help..

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O.k., there are a few PC games out there that I'd love to play but my PC needs help. I don't want to buy a new one just to play games, so I'd like a bit of advice on what I can do to improve performance and run some of these new games.


Here are my specs:


1.1 GHz Celeron processor

512 MB of RAM

15 GB HDD with 1.78 GB available (I could probably dump some stuff to get more room)

and the biggest weakness....an integrated intel video chip. :wtf:


So I know I need a video card. The question is, which one. I'd like to keep the card around $100-$150 bucks. I'd also like one that will give my current setup some longevity. I know precisely squat about video cards so any help would be great.


OR, is my set up a lost cause and I would be better off starting from scratch. If thats the case then so be it. I'll wait till I've got more in the budget. I don't think I can justify spending $600 - $800 on a new computer, just to be able to play games on it.


I'm trying to look at this as equivalent to buying a new console, cost wise.


So am I off my rocker, or can it be done?




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With a new HDD, do I keep the old one in or do I transfer everything on it to the new one?


Also, would I notice a major difference in performance between the 9600 XT and the 9600 SE? The reason I ask is that there is a good difference in price, and that will help me get the card and the HDD and still stay within budget.





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Yeah, I found out that one the hard way. But if you saw the POS I upgraded from before this rig, a celeron was like a cadilac.


Just for fun, my specs for my last PC were IIRC:


75 MHz P1 processor

1 gig HDD

32 MB of RAM


Granted, I got it for free, but ......damn.

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