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Spider-Man 2 Impressions


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I rented this game from the store tonight and so far I am unimpressed. The animation tends to stutter a lot in cut scenes and I am finding web slinging to be a hinderance. Now, I have never been a big fan of GTA type games so I am not enjoying that part of it either.


In the brief hour and a half I played it I was also dismayed to find that the web zip move has changed. In the previous game you pressed the white button to do a straight zip but those days are gone. Now you have to a combination of left and right trigger that never felt right...and you have to purchase the web zip as an upgrade? :bang:


I really wanted to like this game because I enjoyed the last two Spider-Man games I played (the other one being on the Dreamcast with a very cool geek ending movie). However i did not have fun and that is the biggest thing I need to get out of a game. I will give it another try or two, but I am glad I was able to just rent this title.

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I purchased it this afternoon, and I'm having a blast so far.


Things that bother me:


1. Voice Acting - Yeah, it's not good.

2. Cut Scene Animation - Not detailed at all, looks like a PS2 game.

3. Graphics - This will go on the good & bad list. I wish the game had been built for the Xbox from the ground up. This looks like a glorified PS2 game.


Thing I like:


1. Graphics - A smaller scale NYC, takes about 10-15 minutes to swing from one side to the other. Draw distance is good, and it really feels like a huge city. THe engine is really incredible, and smooth running.

2. Spidey's Animation - Love the animations of him swinging, and all the little transitional ones - Running on buildings, different styles of jumps, etc.

3. The random chases and battles - I love swinging high above the streets to hear someone getting mugged below me, then swinging down and battling the criminals.

4. All the hidden stuff and tons of other little chases and things.

5. Sounds - I love all of Spideys one-liners.

6. Bruce Campbell

7. Whoever does the Black Cats voice. Perfect.


I'd say it's not as open ended as GTA/GTA:VC, but there looks like a TON of things to do and unlock in this game. I'm loving the combat system so far, and the ability to purchase new combos and moves really adds to the replayability.


I've found myself swinging around for a few hours tonight, not progressing in the story, but climbing buildings, swinging around the city and chasing and hunting down criminals.


Is it a perfect title? Far from it. I'd love to see this game built just for Xbox. I'd have loved if the cut scenes were better, especially the voice acting. But IMO, it's a great game. I don't think I've ever felt more like a super hero (on the Xbox at least, CoH takes the cake on PC) than in any other game.


I'm hesitant to play through the story more, and I don't want to spoil the movie yet.

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Oh yeah...I forgot....BRUCE IS DA MAN!!!!


I was up early today so I played for another hour before getting dressed for work. The animations on Spidey are tight, but the controls aren't. I have skipped lamost all of the story cut scenes so i don't ruin the movie for myself. However they do not seem to be doing a great job of introducing the game's story. Quinten Beck a.k.a. Mysterio is kind of introduced as an after thought and The Rhino is..I don't even know what to make of him.


I agree with Mr. Neck above, if this was an Xbox exclusive it would have been a good thing. I also think the game was rushed a bit to make sure it came out in time for the movie and that probably hurt the final product.

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Originally posted by Ruffneck@Jun 29 2004, 08:00 PM

there looks like a TON of things to do and unlock in this game.

To me it looks like there are very few things to do, but you do them over and over and over. If you didn't have to do so many repetitve sidequests in order to progress, it might not be so bad.

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I won't deny that there is definitely some repetitive-ness to the game, but I'm willing to overlook it because I find it to be very fun. If the rest of the complete package was bad, then I probably wouln't overlook the repetitive missions, but because I'm enjoying it so much, I AM willing to overlook it, but I will admit that it will throw some people off.

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My first impression of the game is very favorable.


Since I have limited gameplaying time during a week, I'm finding the "repetitive" nature of the games' missions to be a non-issue. It's rare that I can find more than an hour or two a day to play games on my XBOX, so it's unlikely that I'll be bored with this for a quite some time.


What I like most: the game feels like "Sim Spidey". I've had a blast just swinging/climbing around the enormous city, doing what Spiderman would do - or "Spidermanish things", as another forum member calls it.


What I like least: no widescreen support. C'mon folks, it's the 3rd year of this console's life cycle, and many, many new games support widescreen displays, including some fantastic widescreen support from 2 Midway games I've recently played: NBA Ballers and Psi Ops - both of which have cutscenes in 4:3 and then seamlessly switch to widescreen for gameplay. Thank goodness I have a burn-in-proof DLP set to play on, so I can play the game without stretching it. (IMO, unlike some games, this one looks like ass when it's stretched.)


Yes, there's other things to pick on, like poor graphics for cutscenes, bad voice acting, repetitve gameplay, but not having widescreen support cheeses me off the most.


If I rated it, I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Very Fun.

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I concur. When a game is fun enough to compel me to play for 2 hours after getting it, quit to go post about how fun it is, then go pull an all-nighter to finish it, I view it very favorably. Even after finishing the main storyline (took 9 hours to speed through it), I'm having a lot of fun with the challenges and other stuff.


Of particular note: Spinning Piledriver off the Empire State Building.


Zangeif and Haggar would be proud.

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For another opinon, I'll tell you that it will take me MUCH more than that to get to the end of the story.


Case in point, I've just tried getting to the statue of liberty during the Mysterio mission for the 6,000th consecutive time. I cannot, for the life of me, get my webs to reach the "UFO's" when I get about halfway out. HELP!!

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I just came back from the movie and now feel more compelled to play the game some more. I'm even finding the game more enjoyable as the amount of control you have swinging/jumping and the intermix there of, makes it feel very close to the experience in the movies.


Screw the sub par graphics & voice acting. Damn this game is fun!!!!

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I just rented this for the 'Box. I don't know, it hasn't drawn me in like it did everyone else and it feels very crude -- at least visually. Spidey's animations look very jerky, the backdrops look very artificial and I'm not having fun with the controls. I don't feel like I have complete control over my direction and it's such a pain in the ass to not really be able to see where you're headed. I guess the real Spiderman has the benefit of turning his head all around in mid-flight, but the player is only limited to the camera (which doesn't work very well).


Maybe it needs more time.

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