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Halo "Warthog Jump" Movie


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You guys remember this video?

I just played through Halo again (still great fun) and it reminded me of this creative movie so I watched it again in utter amazment.


How the hell did this guy do this? I understand the effects of throwing a live plasma grenade into a pile of others (the others explode after flying through the air) but I can't see myself being able to reproduce much else. The shot with the rocket launcher (hitting a flying Warthog) is pretty sweet too.


How did he get so many Warthogs together? How about all the bodies? How did he get to the top of the mountain? I could probably ask many more questions than I could answer.

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I remember watching that about a year back, and trying it myself. I got the Warthog to land on top of the arch and fall down the other side (where I stood to catch it) but I could never reproduce some of those spectacular launches where it flies cleanly over.

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