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Derrik Draven

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Well, we'll be jamming on out Xbox II's and our PS3's.


We'll all be gushing over how life like the graphics are...but gameplay is king. :wink:


The online gaming experience should be more robust than it is now but, since deathmatching my 1st Quake II game, 6 years ago...I really haven't noticed that it's advanced much. It's still the same running around and shooting people. *yawn*. Yeah, DSL and cable have made it better, Xbox Live, with it's voice, has advanced the online experience but...since getting my ass handed to me by some chick :oops: 6 years ago...it's pretty much the same deal. Other than getting my ass handed to me... :wink:


But, other than brute force processing power, how far removed is our latest consoles from the Atari 2600? They're still just consoles. We haven't started jacking into our brains, ala The Matrix yet. Now THAT'S a revolution. They still just move images on our tv's...which have gotten alot better but still....no virtual reality. I still can't SMELL the scenery in my games. Sometimes...that's a good thing! :lol:


I don't think there will be anything truly "revolutionary" in the next 5 years. I think it will be more of the same "evolutionary".

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