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Saw a video of it on IGN and I was impressed. I once thought this would just be some lame American attempt at Final Fantasy but the combat is in real time. Magic users fight in first person, which is OK, but melee fighters actually fight using combos in real time. Lots of combos, spells, and exploding body parts.


Wasn't planning on buying this at all until I saw it in action. Seriously changing my mind now.

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What are your thoughts on the combat system so far Chris?

Well, I was under the impression it was more like the Zelda combat system, in that you can walk anywhere, attack anything, etc. Not like RPG turn based combat.


Well, that's true. It is like that. :) But you can choose special attacks, that when you bring up the special attacks menus, stop/slow time down so you can choose them, then you can execute them.


It's kind of hard to judge it based on my REAL limited playtime with it, but it was very enjoyable. I also kind of didn't know what I was doing. But the attacks look slick, and the specials are kind of neat.

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