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Nickelback duality

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And yet I enjoy the occasional song by Nickelback.


I remember labeling each song released on the radio from the first Bush CD as "Smells Like Teen Spirit #X" where X was an incremental number. Until Glycerine was released they all had the same chord pattern with slightly different tempos.


You could apply this to many different groups, but Nickelback seems to suffer more bashing than most.


I decided long ago that I would allow myself to enjoy a plethora of different musical genres, regardless of the talent an imagination that went into a song, so long as it was catchy and fun to listen do. Pften times the magic wears off quickly and I move on, but I still can enjoy hearing that song later down the road. So it is with Nickelback for me.

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I also happen to like a couple of Nickelback songs. So what? I remember when people were complaining about Green Day playing the same 3 riffs on all of their songs.


What gets my goat are all the "sampled" & remake songs that become big hits. I don't care what anyone says - IMO Jessica Simpson's version of "Take My Breath Away" doesn't hold a candle to the Berlin version.


But her version is treated like it is the original one.


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