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Happy 4th to everyone


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I had the perfect 4th of July:


Slept in till 1pm

Got into the swimming pool

Grilled and Consumed hamburgers and hotdogs

Drank some beer

blew shit up

Got back into the pool

Ate more hamburgers and hotdogs

Now getting ready to pass out.

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My sister threw a nice little celebration today at her place Pretty much everyone showed up: myself, my folks, my brother, some friends of the family, and even Bobbio and his clan made it for the festivities. We ate a hearty feast of BBQ chicken, potato salad, beans, corn on the cob, as well as a dozens of different appetizers before the main meal, and a delicious serving of strawberry shortcake for dessert.


Once we were all stuffed, we retired into the back yard where we proceded to light some fire works and sit around a warm roaring fire and enjoy an ice cold beer and the pleasure of each other's company. Summer nights don't get much better than this! Did I mention the s'mores? ;)


Anyway, I wish you all a belated Happy Independence Day. God Bless America!

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4th of July:


Sleep Late

Hit Circuit City $5 Sale

Eat much BBQ Ribs

Play Mario Golf

Go To Friends

Eat Much BBQ and Jerk Chicken

Drink Much

Watch Fireworks

Set off a shitload of illegal firework courtesy of friend who owns fireworks store

Drink More



YAY. Happy Independaance Day (belated)

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My 4th:


Go to work at 12am.

Play City of Heroes with Scott and Adam for a few hours.

Play City of Heroes solo for a few hours.

Watch some DVDs on my computer.

Do some actual work.

Go home at 12pm.

Crash for a couple of hours.

Walked outside and watched the (Air Force) Thunderbirds for the fourth day (living next to the annual Air Show has it's perks) in a row.

Ate a couple of hotdogs.

Played Mario Golf Advance.

Napped for a couple more hours.

Watched end of Cubs/White Sox game on ESPN.

Played City of Heroes with Scott and Dave for a few hours.

Went to bed.


Pretty good day, all-in-all...



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Had an awesome 4th! Bought about $100 worth of fireworks that included a morter and a brick of rockets. Another person brough another morter and more explosives. We blew everything up and had the neighbors coming out to watch our show. It was a good time! Those morters and brick of rockets are very impressive considering it is just residential fireworks! They don't shoot quite as high as the pro ones but they sure look the same. Just smaller scale! Very loud, very bright, very fun!


I plan on doing it again next year since I'm the only one of my group that has a house that is outside Austin city limits (well close enough anyways)! :)

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July 4th:


Got up around 1:15pm

Had Lunch/Breakfast with the wife

Watched Gothika (rented)

Checked the forum and other sites

Went to Circuit City to check for the 4.99 sales (No go)

Came home

Started playing Silent Hill 4 again at around 8:00pm

Stopped playing Silent Hill 4 at 11:30pm

Had late dinner

Watched Ed Wood until about 2:30am at which point I fell asleep on the couch.

Woke back up at 6:30 and moved to the bed.

Woke up today at 10:00am for work (until midnight).


Nothing too terribly exciting for me either.

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Got up at 9am

Played GTA3 for a few hours

Drove to friends party with thrillho at 1pm

Played horseshoes, ate & drank (stopped drinking later on so I could drive)

Watched fireworks

Sat in traffic for what seemed like an eternity (10:30pm)

Stopped at diner for fried calamari, stuffed clams, home fries & nachos

Drove home at warp speed listening to 80's tunes while thrillho passed out

Went to bed (1:30am)

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Originally posted by Merlot

Drove home at warp speed listening to 80's tunes while thrillho passed out


I dont know what either one of you guys looks like but the first image that quote put in my head was of Merlot looking over at a passed out thrillho with The Cars - Drive blaring in the background. :wtf:

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