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Dance Dance Banjo Kazooie Revolution?

Romier S

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Report from Rare Extreme:


Banjo The Banjo?


Information reveals a possible music game starring our favourite Rare mascots!


Rare Extreme received some very intriguing news during the week regarding a currently unannounced Xbox title from Rare. According to a Rare employee who wishes to remain nameless, Rare management have recently approved a music game much in the style of 'Candy's Dance Studio' found in the Game Boy Advance port of Donkey Kong Country. 'Candy’s Dance Studio' was a mini-game similar to 'Parappa the Rappa', where players had to replicate various dance moves by pressing the corresponding buttons displayed on screen. The source revealed that soon after the completion of Donkey Kong Country, a programmer who worked on 'Candy's Dance Studio' put forward a game idea to several lead designers, who then proceeded to construct a short console demo of the GBA mini-game. Utilizing the 'Monkey Mines' track, the small group of employers presented a game design outline to Rare management, suggesting some of Rare's more human-like characters to star - Joanna Dark, Kameo, Vela, Banjo, Conker - due to the fact it would be much easier to create multiple dance animations for these human-like mascots. According to the source, Rare management approved the game design, and preliminary work on the title is currently underway. The employee was unable to confirm exactly which Rare characters would appear in the game, explaining a final decision had yet to be made on whether to include only ex-DKR and Banjo characters, or mascots from each active Rare franchise.


The music composition for the game was in full swing, but no approximate release date was revealed. R-E would like to advise readers that this news should be regarded strictly as a rumour until further evidence appears to support our sources claims. You can trust R-E to update on this story as soon as any fresh information is revealed.






God I hope he doesn't slap that damnable Banjo the whole game. I'll have to rip out my ears :D

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