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My Halo Xbox no longer recognizes any disc.


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As the title says. :(


I was playing GTA3 this morning and the game locked up. Now it doesn't recognize any disk I put in it. This friggin sucks. I guess I need to send it to MS for warranty work.


Good thing my orginial XBox still works...

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Guest Bryan

Sorry to hear that, Mike.

How many LCVGers bought Halo boxes? Probably no more than 20 -25? It is interesting that at least two boxes in our small circle have died that quickly.

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What DVD drive do you have, Mike? I know Joel's original was a Samsung. I've got a Phillips in mine and haven't had any problems. Granted it hasn't seen much playtime since CoH, but I did just get done with a 3 hour session and not a hitch :)


Good to hear the original is still working for you though :tu:

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My Halo box has the Samsung drive. I thought this was the drive to have. :?


Oh well, I copied over my game saves back to my other box, although I'm w/out the Paris Booster pack now for PGR2. On the flip side I have my Ninja Gaiden saves back.


For anyone here who shipped their box back to MS for repair, what type of box did you use? I refuse to use my Halo box since I'd like to keep in it good condition for collectors sake.

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