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ESPN Hockey 2k4...need tips on scoring


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I know there a quite a few of people on here who have this game, so I'm looking for some tips on how to score some goals. When I press the right thumbstick in a direction to do a deke, it takes really long and I end up running into the boards with the puck. I really have no idea what I'm doing. Is there any other way to do dekes and score?



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The easiest way to score is a quick change of direction. It's easiest when you are going up with a right hander. Approach from the left and skate towards the right of the goal, then quickly change directions to the left and shoot a wrist shoot.


Really good goalies will stop it a fair amount of times, but it depends mostly on your aproach angles. The more you make the goalie move to the right, the more you have a chance of scoring. You can vary it by reversing the above with a left handed skater, and the same move works going down, but it is harder.


Personally, I like a successful one-timer better, but they are much harder to score successfully. You're teammate needs to be in position without a defender between you and needs to have an open shot at the net. Various factors for success depend on the defense being played as well as your offense.

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We usually play on Pro or Allstar, and honestly we've mostly only play minirink anymore, but you still use the same techniques to score. I've honestly found a numerous amount of ways to score, and that it really does depend on who the goalie is. Since we mostly play minirink, we've been playing with allstar teams and such. So we mostly face Hasek or Broduer. Both can be scored on in different ways but Brodeur can be scored on a little more easily on the move Merlot describes. Hasek on the other hand can be scored on from the circles with an opposite handed player shooting farside top corner, especially Paul Karyia :D.

Those two are the easiest ways to score. But keep working with it. The game play of the game is really good in that you really can score on many different types of plays, slapshots(esp 92 Kevin Stevens), wrap arounds, one timers, and deflections are great to see.


Just be aware of the opponent who thinks that becasue they outshoot you they should win everygame....right Merlot :D Remember its quality over quantity.

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