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Unconfirmed: Gamecube price drop at the end of September.

Romier S

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This was posted in IGN's news article "N-query" :


why doesn't nintendo be more aggresive? i'm getting sick of this. will nintendo have any surprises for us soon? please tell me!


Matt responds: Well, Nintendo is trying, even if we don't always see it. Things are happening behind the scenes for the future. And it's not as if GameCube is being entirely neglected. At the end of September, the company will drop the price of the console to $99 smackers, which is I think a pretty significant reduction. Meanwhile, there are games like F-Zero GX, Soul Calibur II and Viewtiful Joe, not to mention Rogue Squadron, Mario Kart, Pikmin II and Metal Gear Solid, all just around the corner. I would call that a very strong lineup.


Source: http://cube.ign.com/mail.html


If true, start saving your pennies non-cubites :wink: .

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..."I want you all to cough up the fifteen bucks or so and get Eternal Darkness if/when this price drop occurs."
Aren't you forgetting RE 0 & 1, too? :)


Brian, if they included the free game at the new price, then that'd bring the effective price to $49 then. A good deal either way. Damn it, $99 is a no-brainer...if they can't move 'Cubes at that price, there's no hope!

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Aren't you forgetting RE 0 & 1, too?


Oh, I'm not, but I'm much more realistic about the fact that not everybody is going to enjoy Resident Evil as a franchise the way I do. For the price point, everybody should give Eternal Darkness a shot.


Besides, Resident Evil already has its sequel guaranteed, I want the same to occur for ED :D.

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