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FS: Extra CircuitCity $5 games


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Alright, I just went through what I've bought over the past week. The total came to 39 games. I've picked out 22 I'm going to keep for right now. That leaves 17 titles to offer up to anyone interested. As for the price, I've been back and forth on what to charge. An even $10 for the first game and $1 off each additional game is what I came up with. Shipping is included in all the prices. With that out the way, here's what I got...





SOLD Serious Sam SOLD

Dead to Rights

Tony Hawk 3 (2 copies)

Ford Racing 2




Turok Evolution


State of Emergency

SOLD RE: Code Veronica SOLD

Devil May Cry (2 copies)





Home Run King (2 copies)




Megaman X4


You can either pm me or send me an email at Adam1586@hotmail.com, thanks.

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Members, if you are not in this thread to make an offer or inquire about the items for sale please don't bother to respond.


This forum is for conducting the business of selling any product you wish to. Lets please keep it as such. With that Scarface please feel free to continue to offer your items as you have been.


Thank you.

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