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Touching the Void (spoiler free)


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We rented Touching the Void last night and was totally unprepared for what a gripping experience it was. It got great reviews, and I knew it was a documentary about a mountain climbing excursion, but the story is astonishing. It's the kind of experience that just sticks with you for a long time after the movie is over, running around in your head...it affected my dreams last night.


I don't want to give too much away, but the movie has so many levels, it's a moral study, it's an adventure story, it's a psychological thriller.


See it!

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I've been watching a lot more true life and documentary style movies lately, and they've just been way more griping and unbelievable than anything Hollywood can come up with.


Touching the Void is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. The events that unfold are completely astonishing, even though you're aware of the eventual outcome from the very beginning. The Journey, and what does actually takes place is pretty amazing.


Don't go in expecting an actual Documentary though, it's a recreation of actual events using actors that is narrated by the actual people that lived through the events. It's a very effective way of doing this style of movie.


Also recommend City of God (one of the best movies I've ever seen), Fog of War, and Capturing the Freidmans.

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Capturing the Freidmans


I just caught this on HBO the other night. Damn, that is a messed up family (in some aspects). I think there were some aspects of their case that got inflated and pumped up over reality, but I think at the very least you can say the dad was a pedophile and child molester (to what degree is questionable) and the brother probably got roped in (though was also probably a pedophile in some capacity). Very interesting documentary though.

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