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Video Game clothing...


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Being the incredibly cool dad that I am, I'm going to get my kids some videogame wearables for the upcoming school year.


I was thinking of getting my older son (11) a Halo T-shirt. He starts middle school, 6th grade, this year.


But then I noticed the back of the shirt has the Bungie "carnage zone" logo. Example here.


Do you think this would get him in trouble with the school? Would this violate the dress code policy against "inappropriate" and "offensive" attire? I really don't know what kids are wearing to middle school these days. Is this really tame and I'm in for a rude awakening?


If you have links to other video game related wearables, please post them here.




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I think you'd have to check with the school itself as there's no set policy across the country.


The "bigname" in game shirts, GameSkins, do a good range of gamer t-shirts. If your kids like MechAssault, there's a great "River City Varsity" shirt there.


Penny Arcade do t-shirts too...


I love the Joystick Junkies range of t-shirts, but as they're British, they're a little expensive to import thanks to the crummy dollar. The flipside is they're much nicer looking & unique compared to the generic Ninty "1-UP" et al shirts that are oh so trendy.

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That does look like a gray area. If you let him wear it, most teachers probably won't notice / will be fine with it, but he might run into one with a stick up his bum and decide to give your kid trouble.


But then again, if you tried asking for permission beforehand, they'll probably say that's not allowed by default. It's just easier to say no.

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Speaking of video game clothing... Is Designers Republic still around? I think they had a ton of neat clothing that reminded me of Wipeout that I always wanted to get.


I'm interested in an answer to this one too. DR's style was amazing. I'm at a loss for why their stuff never became super popular.

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The People's Bureau For Consumer Information, the retail site for DR. Not much in stock right now, though, and they're hardly cheap. Great, though.


Other designers with a vaguely similar style you might like to consider include Bench (although that site doesn't have any of their really nice Ts on it at a glance) and Crosshatch (which I can't even find a website for). Crosshatch have got a brilliant range of Ts with silhouettes of things like Dangermouse, Hong Kong Phooey, Optimus Prime and so on that look really stylish.


Some of Bench's stuff is really good; great use of Bold Sans typefaces in a very Tomato way. Unfortunately, Tomato's site and shop are down at the moment, however.


edit - as for why DR "never became super popular", I'd argue that they are super popular, as design collectives go. Their book massively outsold most design books, with only the aforementioned Tomato giving them anything like a run for their money. But thats mainly here in the UK, and also in the context of their peers.

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edit - as for why DR "never became super popular", I'd argue that they are super popular, as design collectives go.


Yep, I'd agree that mid-90s, DR were very popular in the UK, to the point where they could turn out any old tat in the DR "style" & get applauded for it.

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Not saying you would do this ;) , but:


Rather than bitch and whine and call in the ACLU to represent him when he gets booted from school for wearing said shirt, how bout drive it to the school and let the principal have a look at it?


Chances are if you, as an adult parent, are questioning the appropriateness of the shirt, it isn't appropriate at all.



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