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Fallout 3.......HELL YEAH!

Romier S

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Hows this for some news:




According to Bethesda, Fallout 3 will be developed alongside the next Elder Scrolls and under the direction of executive producer Todd Howard. Also, since Bethesda is currently hiring developers for "future-generation consoles," a GameCube, PlayStation 2, or Xbox version of Fallout 3 is highly unlikely.


No release date for Fallout 3 has been set, but Bethesda has already hinted that it intends to "publish additional sequels." However, none of these sequels will be the Fallout MMORPG Caen mentioned last month. In a separate press release, Interplay announced that it is retaining "all online gaming rights for the Fallout franchise." It is unclear how this would affect any online component of a Bethesda-developed Fallout game.



YES! YES! YES! YES! :tu:

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For those of us that remember Black Isle fondly, this tribute trailer shows us what Fallout 3 could have been under Black Isle. It's early stuff and it shows off the progress they were making on what was then referred to as the "Van Buren" project....but goodness it makes me sad we didn't get a chance to play the game....



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