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LCVG Match Play Championships #3


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Greetings Fellow Golfers!


Let's get the next tourney rolling!


I think we should do one more Match Play before returning to Strokeplay. Anyone who is interested please post here. This will tell if there are enough players for a 16-player match. If not we'll have to settle for 8 players again and some people will get left out. Let's not let that happen!


If you guys don't want to do LCVG Match Play Championships #3 and go for LCVG Tour #6 instead, that's cool. Just let me know.



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You guys are playing on Intermediate, right? That's the only level I have a character for so far.

Yes, that's the only skill level we play.


Im not too late am I?

Not at all, Howie. I'm just seeing if there are enough for a 16-player match then I'll create it and send out invites to everyone.


We're up to 11 interested players at this point.

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Originally posted by Ricky Hustle@Jul 19 2004, 03:22 PM

14 down, 2 to go!


Jeremy, you want to retain the title of Commish? If not I'll be glad to set it up.

You can set this one up if you'd like, Ricky. Hopefully we can get the final two participants. :D

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I've have gone ahead and created LCVG Match Play Championship #3.


Players that should receive invites are...


Proven Failsafe, InLikeFlynn, adamsappel, FLYING SE7EN, CaptDS9E, HOWIEDO1N, StalkerX, DataTox, DrunkOM, MrPig13, JTello, Odie de Dawg, PPH2


Beer M0nkey, your invite failed, new gamertag maybe?


If I missed anyone, let me know.

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