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Glen's PC and Videogame Wrapup for 7/11 to 7/17

The Daisy

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You want a piece of me?


I'm running a bit late this week with the wrapup, so without further adieu...


Glen's LCVG.com Game of the Week



Tales of Symphonia (GC) - $49.99


It was close but with the comments that I've seen about NCAA, I had to make it a runner up. I'll be picking up both titles, but at this point I thought Tales is probably the better game of the week.


Runner up

NCAA Football 2005 (PS2) - $49.99

NCAA Football 2005 (Xbox) - $49.99

NCAA Football 2005 (GC) - $49.99


Ok, let's get to it.


Bargains of the Week



Best Buy



Chronicles of Riddick - $39.99

Full Spectral Warrior - $39.99

Driv3r - $39.99


(Ok, is Best Buy serious? 2 20oz bottles of soda with the purchase of NCAA Football for the PS2 or Xbox?) Worst deal ever.


PC Games

The Sims Mega Deluxe - $34.99

The Sims Superstar - $14.99

- Free Sims game by mail with the purchase of any Sims game. (Not sure how this will work, but it's in there)

Joint Operations Typhoon Rising - $34.99



Circuit City


Playstation 2

NCAA Football 2005 - $49.99 w/ $10 Gift Card

Rainbow Six 3 - $29.99

MTV Music Generator - $24.99

Goblin Commander - $14.99

Crash Nitro Kart - $19.99



NCAA Football 2005 - $49.99 w/ $10 Gift Card

Full Spectral Warrior - $39.99

Chronicles of Riddick - $39.99

Project Gotham Racing 2 - $24.99

Crimson Skies - $24.99

Halo - $24.99



NCAA Football 2005 - $49.99 w/ $10 Gift Card


Gameboy Advance

Sonic Advance 3 - $27.99

Mario Golf Advance Tour - $27.99


PC Games

Backyard Baseball 2005 - $14.99

Spiderman 2 - $24.99

The Sims Deluxe Edition - $19.99



- Free starter kit with the purchase of an Xbox console





Gameboy Advance

Donkey Kong - $15.00

Excitebike - $15.00

Pokemon: GBA video - $15.00



- Save $3 on a Coke 12 or 24 pack with the purchase of NCAA Football 2005 for any platform.


I have to say that when I play a game, I don't care about how much it cost, I just want cheap soda.



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Just the things that I've mentioned in the NCAA Xbox thread. Slowdown issues on the Xbox version. The fact that the CPU still runs far too much for the college game.


Those sorts of things drag the game down for me.


I know it could be the bee's knees, but issues like the running game have been out there far too long to be excused.



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As popular as this game is here on LCVG I briefly contemplated buying five or so copies and offering them up on the boards for cost. Then I realized that Best Buy offers free shipping so those who wanted it would really come out ahead by getting it off of the site.


You can't say that I'm not thinking of you guys (and girls).

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Best Buy is very good at getting your hopes up and then cancelling an order. Here's hoping that they don't.


Here, here Glen, I'll second that one! And back order has always equaled canceled order when it's a clearanced video game at Bestbuy.com when I've ordered. :(

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