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Can your computer handle DOOM3?


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In the September issue of PC Gamer they took multiple different levels of PCs and played DOOM3 on them, here is the highlights of that article:


1. 6800 is a tad faster than X800 cards. Both run it in full glory


2. The game has four render paths: NV10, NV20, R200, and ARB2. All paths look awesome, even down to a g4mx, but the ARB2 path is the "full package," and is used for the R300+ and Geforce FX+ cards. It does all it's fancy shit in one pass.


3. PCI Express enhances NOTHING.


4. The difference between a 128mb and 256mb card is that the former uses compressed textures whereas the latter only compresses diffuse and specualr maps. In another words, no big deal. However, a 500mb card is needed to run the game in Ultra Quality mode.


5. 512MB is the ideal system total memory. 384 is required, 1GB is nice, but the difference is negligible.


6. Nothing special is included for a 64-bit OS.


7. A 1.5 Ghz processor is the least recommended, but a 2Ghz and above will help since...


8...The sound engine is entirely CPU dependant. Therefore a crappy soundcard works flawlessly. Not to worry, the enfine only uses a "small percentage of cycles, much less than if the engine relied on a soundcard.


9. The only reccommendation regarding faster framerates is to disable to "advanced special effects option." In other words, upgrade if you have problems.


10. They tie it up by providing three levels of "Doom lovin' PC's"



1.5GhzP4 or equivalent

512MB Ram

Geforce4 Ti 4800 or Radeon 9500



2.4GhzP4 or equivalent


Geforce5950 or Radeon 9800 Pro/XT



3.4GhzP4 or AMD equivalent


GeForce 6800 Ultra or Radeon X800 XT PE.


In conclusion, the game will run well on a variety of hardware, and Rob Duffy, the lead programmer, says that the game looks real good no matter what, and that it will continue to look better as hardware improves. Like all previous id engines, we'll be playing games based on D3 for another five years down the road.


I kinda fit in that mid range model except for my RAM, which I plan to upgrade anyways.


EDIT: And when they say the 6800 and X800 will run the game in all its glory, thats at 1024x768!

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I cant believe anyone would buy a 6800 Ultra right now. Aren't they like 550-650 bucks? Thats insane especially when you consider you can get a 9800 Ultra card for 200 bucks. I mean I have the money and love games but I'll be damned if I ever pay that much money on 1 video card. To each his/her own. ;)

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Mid range here. But I sure have been aching to find a deal on an X800 or 6800 all day. Honestly I expect to be able to run it comfortably. and I figure a year or two down the road when I build a new system it'll be fun to reload and check out with everything maxed.

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Remember that a 6800GT is a much better value than the Ultra; I haven't seen one person mention they couldn't overclock theirs to at least 400MHz/1.1GHz core/mem, which is Ultra spec.


Of course, I'm sure the Ultra will soar even further past that, but I'll keep the extra $200.


My system is definitely low-end because it's GPU limited.


AMD Athlon 3000+


GF4 Ti4200


I might grab a softmoddable 256-bit 9800SE if it creeps any closer to $100.

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Remember that a 6800GT is a much better value than the Ultra; I haven't seen one person mention they couldn't overclock theirs to at least 400MHz/1.1GHz core/mem, which is Ultra spec.


My thoughts exactly. I have been looking for an ultra card but everyone I have seen has been able to push their GT to ultra and beyond speeds. I'm probably gonna get a BFC 6800GT OC card which is guaranteed to be overclocked out of the box with a lifetime warrenty and then push it a little further to reach ultra speeds. The GT cards are also in MUCH better supply than the ultras. Its extremely hard to find an ultra and then if you do the odds of it going for the $499 price are very slim. Then I'll be at the high end after I buy everything to get there :)

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I built my PC for a few games:


Far Cry, Doom3, Half Life 2... I think I'm ready. Actually, I BETTER be!




CPU: Amd 64/3400

Motherboard: MSI FI2R Neo

RAM: 1 Gig Geil 3200

Graphics: ATI Radeon X800Pro 256MB

Sound: Creative Audigy2 ZS

Monitor: Dell 2001FP - 20" LCD



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I'm in the mid range though I'll be moving that up soon.


Processor is a P4 3.06gig 533mhz FSB (soon to be bumped up to a P4 3.0 800mhz FSB)

768mb PC1600 RDRAM (going up to a gig of Dual Channel DDR)

9700 PRO 128MB vid card (upgrading to either the 9800 pro or the X800 pro soon, depends on how much I want to spend when I do the upgrade.)

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2 systems to run it on.


First for the graphics


CPU: Pentium 4 2.8GHz 800FSB w/ HT

RAM: 512MB PC3200 DDR400 (Dual channel)

Video: ATI 9800 Pro 128MB


Second for the co-op


CPU: Pentium 3/Celeron

RAM: 64MB unified

Video: GeForce 3.5



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Originally posted by exile@Jul 16 2004, 10:39 PM

I'm screwed.


768 DDR ram - Ok

AMD 1700+ .... 1.47 ghz

Geforce 3 - pre TI days... :(


I need a new hard drive too. :(


Might as well build a new pc.

Tell me what kind of system you'd like and how much you have to spend, and I'll see what I can put together for you...

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They need to modify those requirements. Low end should be an Xbox and 6 months of patience :D I make the minimum PC specs (barely), but I might try to stick it out and wait for the console version and co-op.


No matter what, I'll be waiting at the CompUSA to drool over the game on their uber demo machine.

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