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Galleon developer closes doors

Romier S

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Well after years of development Galleon is finally nearing completion (and is due out in early August) however its developer Cofounding Factor, originally created by former Tomb Raider creators Toby Gard and Paul Douglas is closing its doors. Once Galleon hits store shelves you can wave bye bye:




Sources with close connections to the development pipeline of Galleon, the long-awaited adventure title from Confounding Factor, say the studio founded by Lara Croft creators Toby Gard and Paul Douglas will cease to exist when all tasks are completed on the Xbox title.
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Its been out in the UK for a fair few weeks now, although I've only played the demo. Its actually not that bad; the biggest problem really being the way that the thing flip-flops between brilliance and annoying stupidity with every turn.


The controls (when they behave themselves) are lovely; if this game had turned up 12 months ago, I'd be screaming its praises here. The platformy bits are for the most part excellent, and the fighting isn't bad either. Then you get killed by dodgy AI or pathfinding, and swear at it. Toby Guard's puzzle design hasn't really moved on from 'push this block over there to unlock the door', either, apparently.


Basically, the thing that's really done for this game is one man: The Price Of Persia. Despite being in development for a fraction of the time, his controls are even better, he behaves himself more, and the camera does a fine job. Still, if you can't wait for the upcoming sequel, or like me are disappointed to hear that they're taking it down the oh-so-bloody-trendy "dark" route, Galleon could be a good purchase as well.

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While the graphics aren't the best (pretty poor, actually), there are some great moments, and some brilliant animation. The characters faces are very simply rendered, but they are enormously expressive. I'd love to see this title do well, but the current market is pretty cutthroat.

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