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Echo Night Beyond


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Haven't heard a ton about this one - downloaded the trailer, and I can't decide if it looks really cool or an oncoming disaster. It appears to be trying to do first-person Japanese ghost horror...in space. It's apparently a sequel to Echo Night which I never had the chance to play...or hear of.


I have to admit the combination of elements is intriguing, like a Fatal Frame mixed with Unreal.


However, certain elements of the trailer come off as really cheesy or just bad physics, like the teddy bear floating in the ghost-girl's hands - those types of things that are just designed so poorly that it takes you out of the experience, something that's so important for both horror and first-person genres.


Has anyone here played a recent demo of this or have more information? I doubt the press on this will be sufficient to make an informed decision.


And yes, I typo'd the game title. :oops:

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First of all Josh I went ahead and corrected that title for you.


Having played the original Echo Night on the Playstation I hope to god From Software has scrapped everything and started anew. The game was like a point and click adventure title with the slowest moving characters in existence. Not too mention it was ugly as sin and well, not fun at all.


This new one looks intriguing though and who knows where From is taking this sequel. It seems to have more slant on action but the whole space setting kind of turns me off. Not because I don't think they can pull it off but because I get a very real System Shock II vibe and I have yet to run across any game that can top that in the space, "shit yourself from fear" category ;) .

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