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Will we see another XBOX price drop before X-MAS?


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Well, I am tight on money, I already have PS2, Gamecube, and a good gaming PC.


Rumors are that Nintendo is dropping its price to $99.00 at the end of september, while that doesn't mean Microsoft will drop the price of the xbox, I am sure some new bundle will come out, I believe Sony is coming out with a new bundle, that has the networked PS2 and a game or two coming out for $199.99 before the holidays....

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new Xbox that ( I think) still comes with 3 games.


If he can still find one. Those stopped shipping around Christmas. I still see one or two at stores every now and then but they're increasingly rare.


No doubt there will be new bundles this fall though.

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I bought the six games because I got them very cheap, under 20 dollars, except SW:KoToR, I was planning on buying one over the summer, but I have been out of work for 2 months from being very ill, I had surgery a week ago to fix one problem, still more issues with my health unfortuantly, I will wait and see what happens bundle wise or price wise until Xmas, The old bundle, IMO, was garbage, but thats just me, and I know no one likes BMX XXX because it isnt good or whatever, oh well, I am keeping it, and I could never bring myself to buy a used system......

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