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Wipeout Pure

Chris F

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It's rather stunning, isn't it. Sony Liverpool seem to know what they're doing with this, and have listened to the fans about what is great about the different versions.


I had promised not to rush out and buy a PSP. I've a distinct feeling I'll break that promise as soon as I try this one out...

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Sony has some big plans in store for Wipeout pure in the way of regular content downloads including new tracks, hovercrafts and even new music. The content will apparently be substantial in size which means we'll all be buying some bigger memory sticks if we want in on the action. You can read more here .


While it is already known that Wipeout Pure for the PSP will get downloadable content, some new details have leaked from Japan. According to retail sources, Sony plans to release roughly two new courses, hovercraft, and soundtrack songs each month. While the hovercraft and the songs will only require a few kilobytes on the Memory Stick, each course will be about 4MB, meaning that the monthly updates will probably be around 8MB apiece.
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I'm getting the impression from Colin and co. at Sony Liverpool that a lot of the 'new craft' are actually new racing livery for the existing ones, then that's just a few texture files to store. The music is mainly new mixes of existing tracks, as well, though I'd have expected that to mean new atrac files.

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My question is do they have the XL announcer in Wipeout Pure? I haven't seen many videos of the game but I used to love the announcer's monotone voice in Wipeout XL (2097). There was nothing better than ripping of a shot of plasma and hearing that oh so satisfying "CONTENDER ELIMINATED". :D

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Wipeout Pure soundtrack listing is now available. Gamespot posted the full soundtrack details here .


Artist - Title


Cold Storage - Onyx


Cosmos - Kinection


Drumattic Twins - Twister


Elite Force - Cross the Line


Freq Nasty - Grand Theft


Friendly - We Got Juice


Jay Tripwire - Room 2


LFO - Flu-Shot


Ming + FS - Hellion


Paul Hartnoll - Ignition


Photek - C Note


Plump DJs - Black Jack 3


Rennie Pilgrem & Roxiller - Bug


T Power - The System


Stanton Warriors - Night Mover


Tayo Meets Acid Rockers Uptown - Crafty Youth


Themroc - Mean Red


Tiesto - Gold Rush


Aphex Twin - Naks Acid

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