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Stargate: Atlantis -- Thoughts

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Just curious what other Stargate fans thought of the premiere of Stargate: Atlantis which aired tonight.


I personally enjoyed it. It will take a little time for me to get used to some new characters and such, but I'm sure that will happen, in time.


Personally, my favorite facet of the Stargate milieu has always been the introduction of new advanced races and technology. The episodes which really got my imagination working the most were those that dealt with the Asgard - and even more so, those which gave hints about the Ancients. Hypothesizing about what could be out there, or what could be possible is quite fun. Of course, O'Neill's wisecracks rank up there as well... but we aren't likely to be hearing any of them in SG:A.


The idea of a companion series which revolves entirely around the discovery of the last remnant of the Ancients' society and technology has me thrilled. In a nutshell, I think the premiere was fantastic in concept, good in execution, and poor in commercial frequency (if I never see another commercial for Arby's new chicken salad sandwich or that stupid online poker site, I'll be happy - that's why I prefer to watch episodes on DVD).


Anyway, just curious what other folks thought... Rocked? Sucked? Does this show have promise? Or are we losing faith in the Stargate franchise?

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I thought it was very good, and the Wraith Queen scared the hell out of me. As the 2 hours went on i liked the cast more and more. Sheppard is excellent, expecially with the naming of the stuff. thats the same type of remarks O'neil would make. Im really looking forward to see where the show is headed, and more about the wraith. Im gonna watch it again first thing tommorow. I also loved how Daniel wanted to go and jack wouldnt let him. I just wish Carter and Teal'c were at least just looking on , even without lines




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Yep good episode and those people will show up again this season. The one thing that is odd is they havent had any wraith based stories yet. You see a wraith , with a ship here and there but nothing heavy story wise to futhur then. Hopefully towards the end of the season



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