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new iPod specs leaked


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Newsweek magazine's cover article will be about the iPod:



Please excuse the rather unattractive photo.


The article has been posted at MSNBC, but its getting hammered. There's also a related article covering the new iPod, which is pretty much evolutionary.


The rumor is that they will introduce the new models tomorrow (7/19).


One of the best things is that they are bringing the scroll/button-wheel from the Mini to the full-sized iPod. The Mini button-wheel is such a good design.


They are all slightly thinner.


Battery life is up to 12 hours, they needed to improve this.


Prices are reduced by $100 across the line. I think this is to open up the top price-slot for a 60GB model which will be introduced later (but the 60GB drives were released a few weeks ago by Toshiba).


Multiple on-the-go playlists (finally!). Apparently there are more shuffling options as well, and a general reorganization of some menus.


Audiobooks can be plays up to 25% faster or slower without shifting the pitch of the voice.


It remains to be sen how many of these improvements will be available via a software upgrade for the current iPods. I would expect the track shuffling, multiple on-the-go playlists, and menu reorg will be done in software, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

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I have been contemplating buying an ipod for my wife. But it has to be small - and the regular sized Ipods are too big, and they are the only ones I have held. Also, I find Ipods to be a little costly, given all the alternatives. But, with a cheaper price, and with the mini line, I may be enticed to buy this soon.

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If I can ever justify the price, I'm personally leaning towards the iRiver devices instead, myself, as they do Ogg and plain 'ol mp3 as well, and I'd rather not bother keeping my music in multiple different formats depending on which device I want to listen to them on next.


But at the moment, I really don't listen to very much music on the move outside my car, so a new full-size CD player for the Hi-fi is a higher priority.

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Originally posted by CaptDS9E@Jul 20 2004, 04:13 AM

to tell ya the truth im glad i got the older ipod. I do not like the Ipod mini wheel/button combo at all



...and I'm glad I have my old-school 2.0 iPod with the touch wheel with actual buttons around it and solid battery life. It's only 10g, but it only needs to be charged once a week and it's solid as a bull.

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I liked my first gen ipod fine, but I definitely like having more room...my current 30Gb is almost full as it is.


As far as the click-wheel, I totally love it, as soon as I held a Mini and tried it I was hooked...it's a brilliant design, IMO. The previous iPods, like mine, are very difficult to operate without looking at it...you have to be careful not to accidentally touch a button when feeling for which button is which.


Not that I run into this problem very often, I use the remote more in those cases, but the problem is unavoidable when the need arises.

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I've been thinking of getting an Ipod for a while, and after comparing reviews and looking at prices and such... I'm still almost completely clueless of what I should get. I've heard some comments here talking about how the Ipod Mini's battery is weak, and why this and that isn't good. I've got some money handy, but I'm still on a moderately tight budget. I don't want to spend too much... around $400 CAD would be my limit.


I thought about the Ipod Mini... Is that a good buy? At about $350 CAD, it's a mere $50 less than it's older companion with about 4x the storage, it doesn't seem that great. I don't want to pay that much just for a slightly smaller player, and slightly homosexual colours. :x (bright pink, bright baby blue, etc. )


I don't need too much storage on my mp3 player... I won't be using it as extra storage space for some files on my comp, or anything of that sort. I'd just want a player solely for listening to music. 4 GB for me is more than enough, but I can live with having more storage for music. (as long as it doesn't cost me too much ;) )


And then there's also the new Ipod coming out. At this point, to my knowledge, it has been said to only come in 20 gb and 40gb. Right? And- although you said the price has been dropped by about $100, the price for the 20 gb is currently set at $430 CAD.(said on the apple website.)


AGH! What should I buy?


Well that's pretty much my situation right now, and I'm looking for any helpful advice on what to buy. Thanks in advance!

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Interesting - if they would make the battery replaceable I would be more interested..


But I am very tempted by the freeipod.com pyramid/scam - supposedly people are getting them. Several sites have conga lists set up and I've been this close to trying it...

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Question: When people say the battery isn't replacable, do they mean


1. It's an 8 hour battery, and I want to replace it with a 12 hour battery but I can't.




2. I've re-charged my battery so many times that it's gone real weak, and I can't replace it with a new one!

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Originally posted by Obnoxious@Jul 21 2004, 05:50 PM

Well, seeing as the warranty only lasts a year and it takes about that long for the battery to be dead...

In my experience battery problems are quite rare. My old 5GB iPod, which was one of the first ones made, is still going strong (my boss bought it from me). My one year old 30GB is working fine so far. I know about 6 other people that have iPods and I've never heard one of them complain about the battery failing.


Obviously some people have battery problems, but I'm not convinced it's any more common than with any other portable device of that type.

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Originally posted by Obnoxious@Jul 21 2004, 06:30 PM

whew... you sure have a lot of experience with ipods. :shock:

Now that I think of it, I was being conservative. If I only count people I work with, there are 5 besides me with iPods, another has one on order. And I can think of 3 other friends that have one too.

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Wouldn't a PDA that can play all forms of music AND movies be better? I've never wanted a dedicated music player because the PDA's keep getting better and better. The new ones from Dell, the X30's (I believe) are REALLY impressive.


I'm not one to talk since I'm still on the fence on the whole damn thing; no pda or music player!


Everytime I think of getting something, it just keeps getting better.


Maybe I should upgrade from my p3/500, with a 16mb 3DFX Voodoo 3 card, first? :oops:

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I would love a device that was a PDA with a hard drive and even a cell phone...but at this point such a device would be rather big, probably not easily pocketable, and it would likely cost a quite a bit.


As far as video, well I play video on my palm now and then via an SD card, but I don't see a lot of general use for it...it's pretty much a novelty, unless the screen gets bigger, but then the device gets larger and you lose convenience.

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Yeah, while being able to watch films on the move seems like a good idea, most places I actually use my walkman there either isn't room to get a screen out, I'm busy doing something that requires my visual concentration, or I'd rather just read.


Anything big enough to be worth watching is going to be too big to act as a convenient walkman, really.

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Funny, you guys seem to be talking about the PSP. Except for the PDA functionality, that is. I have three PDAs - two Palms and a Pocket PC. All three are in my closet. I hate them. I've tried three times, obviously, to integrate them into my lifestyle, but I find they create more of a maintenance hassle than they solve problems. In lieu, I download my calendar, notes, and contacts to my cell phone every night before leaving work - I do this via iR or Bluetooth, depending on the computer.


As far as the iPod, literally everyone I know has one. Everyone at work (that's 35 people) has one - it's true. The Apple store is around the corner, after all. The LAN is frequently clogged with iTunes music sharing. We have all generations - 1st gen 5giggers, my 2nd gen 10 gig, a few minis, and a vast majority of 3rd gen 20 giggers.


I haven't seen one fail yet or heard anyone complain. I also haven't heard any complaints about battery time. I had some weird issues with battery time a year or so ago, but a software update seemed to have taken care of that - I think it had something to do with the internal clock that was more software-based than hardware-based. I now charge my iPod on the weekends, and that's it - it's good from Monday to Friday, and that includes a commute on the 6 train, walking in Manhattan, and zone times at work (I use a PC at work and as such can't dump my library to my PC).


I can't say enough good things about the iPod. I look at people using CD players and, aside from financial reasons, can't figure out why they'd carry those discs around with them. I look at my CD collection as a backup archive now.


All I need is a bigger iPod. Soon. Soon.

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Originally posted by stencil@Jul 22 2004, 03:05 PM

I look at people using CD players and, aside from financial reasons, can't figure out why they'd carry those discs around with them. I look at my CD collection as a backup archive now.

Well, for me, at least, while I admit there is a fairly large financial component to it all I'm a lazy git. I just cannot sum up the effort to convert my entire CD collection to a lossy format, particularly when I know I'll probably have to do it all again should I buy different one, or a better sound-quality format comes along.

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