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Free digital image software!


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Well google is at it again and has purchased Picasa which they have made available free! I've just downloaded the program and ran it, not too shabby. For anyone that has used iphoto it is very similar.

Get it here

And if anyone has an extra Gmail invite I'd love one :tu:

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Very interesting move for Google. I'd say this signals that they intend to become more service oriented. I'd wager that they will integrate this image cataloger into Gmail, and probably host photo albums and such, kind of like Apple is doing with .Mac (which I've never subscribed to because I think it's not worth the money).

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It sort of is already Ed, it's tied into hello which is an instant messaging program that allows you to exchange photos. Which in turn also ties into their blog service to make it easy to upload images into your blog.

I've just registered a blog. I want to play around with it and it could be an easy way to get our baby photos up without having to email a hundred people.

And supposedly they are playing with a sherlock type of program for windows, should get interesting in the near future.

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