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Controllers and Buttons


Do you think that standard console controllers should have more buttons in the future?  

  1. 1. Do you think that standard console controllers should have more buttons in the future?

    • Yes, they need more buttons.
    • No, then need fewer buttons.
    • I think there are enough buttons already.

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I voted for 'enough already', because from a purely practical nature you can't easily remove buttons without causing problems.


But if I didn't have backwards compatibility (both literally and in terms of supplying a familiar button layout in sequels) to worry about, I'd trim all the controllers.


Firstly, the PS2. Those analogue face buttons are Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Replace them with digital ones like the PS1 had, remove L1 and R1, and make L2, R2 proper triggers, preferably with a similar feel to them as the Dreamcast's.


Next, on the XBox, I think we've established that they simply cannot find a good place to hide those white and black buttons, so scrap them. Put Start and Back where they belong again, rather than the dumb place they are on the S, as well.


Finally, Cube - I think we all know know what needs doing there. Shoot the Z button. The N64's Z was fine, because it was a replacement for the L that you couldn't reach in analogue mode, but this one is just a headache.

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There needs to be a 4th option. "Enough buttons, but arranged differently".


I want them to go back to a six-button on the face layout. Hard to find a good Street Fighter friendly pad. I'm using a Saturn pad via adapter to my Dreamcast to play SF3, etc. Whoever decided to move backwards to 4 face buttons should be smacked.


And the xbox, from what I've seen, isn't a whole lot better. It has the extra buttons, but in a weird ass place.

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I'm always for more -so long as Nintendo doesn't design the damn thing.


My Jaguar Pro Controller has something like 21 buttons + the d-pad. It was never really put to good use but it was a good design with a lot of possibilities.

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