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Clean the warts out of your collection at Hastings

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Right now, Hastings has a deal where you can trade in 3 used games for a new game. However, unlike the similar deals at Gamestop and EB that turn out to be ripoffs because 75% of the games are excluded, Hastings is taking just about ANYTHING!!


Today I traded in:


Rygar (w/o original cover art)

State of Emergency (ex rental)

Red Faction 2


for a sealed copy of Front Mission 4.



I also traded


Wave Race

Luigi's Mansion

Rogue Leader


All ex-rentals that I'd bought there for $4.99 each for Tales of Symphonia. The main restrictions seem to be that the games must all be for the same system, they must have case and instructions, and they cannot be non-current sports games. However, the restrictions are pretty loose, as they were going to take the original World Series Baseball on the Xbox(it doesn't have a year) but I didn't trade it because they were all out of Metal Slug 3. I think in a few days, there's going to be a copy of Sudeki with my name on it (WSB, Turok Evolution, and that ****in non progressive scan Pro Race Driver).


I was especially thrilled to get rid of Rygar, as I'd been trying to pawn that game off on people for over a year. I bought it on ebay and basically got ripped off. The auction claimed it was "brand new" but it came without the case and the disc was scratched. I tried printing out a cover but it still stuck out like a sore thumb. Finally though, justice has been done. I got my new Rygar for $4.99 at Circuit City, and now the ugly-ass-non-original-case-having-abomination has been disposed of.

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It's a store that has a lot of books, movies, and games, and also offers games and movies for rental. They have no clue how to price their merchandise. For example, they have a sealed copy of NBA Fast Break 2001 on the PS1 for $39.99. On the other end of the spectrum, a while back, I got a complete/mint with all extras Lunar SSSC on the PS1 for $4.99.


You can see if you have one near you here:



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