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NCAA band music skipping during the game

fighting fish

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I was wondering if anybody else has had problem with the band sounding like it was being conducted by Herbie Hancock during the game. I haven't heard anything about it anywhere, but I already took a copy back and the new copy also is skipping.


It doesn't happen EVERY time, but it happens enough to be a distraction.

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Yep it is a problem with all Xbox copies using Dolby Digital 5.1. I actually called EA's tech support and the guy acted clueless about it. He even argued with me that the Xbox version "Only supports Pro-Logic". I told him that was funny because the back of the box says Dolby Digital. Eventually he agreed with me, but it was a useless call.


I agree this is an awesome game, but how EA could let this get past quality control is beyond me. After all, the game hasn't changed that much from last years version. Plus the game went gold a good month before it hit stores. Bad testing on EA's part.

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Man...that REALLY pisses me off. When am I going to learn that if I buy an EA game, I should just by the PS2 version instead of being lured by the promise of Dolby Digital and slightly better graphics.


Well, I probably should just take the game back and say screw them, but I guess I'll get the PS2 copy.

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Yet another EA Xbox Glitch!!!


from IGN.com....



August 19, 2003 - If you recently purchased Madden NFL 2004 for the Xbox, you might have noticed a problem importing your draft class from NCAA Football 2004. EA has acknowledged the problem and released the following official statement:

"EA is aware of an issue with Madden NFL 2004 XBOX not being able to import a draft class from NCAA Football 2004 XBOX. This is only an issue on the XBOX version.


We are currently researching this issue and we will fix it as soon as possible. Look for future info from us shortly."


Check back to IGN for more info on this bug and how the problem will be fixed in the weeks ahead.

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Obviously the fact that EA has pissed off numerous X-Box owners with their stance on online play and has been vocally critical of Live leads to those types of theories.


You make a very good point, that KOTOR gets out scott free while EA gets reamed, but I think it's more the nature of the animosity from one company and the fact that Bioware is a bit more customer friendly in this case (perceived to be at least).


I highly doubt there's an actual conspiracy, but I do like watching the fanboys get all worked up about it like it was.

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insect-friendly exclusive KOTOR mostly gets a pass




That's a good point! My whole thing is that, while KOTOR is infested with bugs, I always felt this was a side-effect of rushing the title to market. With the Electronic Arts titles, it just feels like they don't care about anything but PS2. I just don't feel like the game would have shipped if any of these bugs existed on the PS2 version.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fanboy screaming conspiracy when ever the X-Box gets an sub-standard port. It's just my opinion that when there is an EA game I want, I should just go ahead and get the PS2 version (a lesson learned with Need For Speed 2: Hot Persuit, NCAA 2004, and Madden 2004).


It's actually a good thing, my poor PS2 has been neglected lately!

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