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ESPN NFL2K5 Xbox custom music

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Okay here are the events you can assign tracks or clips from tracks to:


TD - touchdown

FGP - field goal

SCK - sack

1ST - first down

2PT - two point conversion

SFT - safety

FUM - fumble

INT - interception

PKR - punt/kick return

INC - incomplete

LOP - loss of possession

M2P - missed two point conversion attempt

MFP - missed field goal attempt

EOQ - end of quarter

EOG - end of game

STD - stadium music

2MN - two minute warning


I'm not sure what some of the abbreviations mean, so I'd appreciate it if anyone can drop some knowledge on me there or correct the ones I thought I knew.


You can assign multiple clips to a single event; the in-game manual says it will randomize those tracks.



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Ok, STD is your home stadium music, played at the start of a game. Also, all sounds seem to be for your home stadium, so you won't hear one of your 1st down selections when the opposing team gets it.


I ran MP3Gain in track levelling mode before shooting everything over to MusicMixer and it works very well.



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