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NFL 2K5 Practice Tournament


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I set up a tournament for us to play and see what's what. There are 8 slots. Once we have 8 gamers signed up we should be able to get the games rolling. There is a max of five days between games.


Tournament name: pit bowl

Tournament password: lcvg


Come one, come all...

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OK, we are ready to go. Round 1 ends July 30 at midnight. You should be able to go to My Leagues and see your next opponent and set up a time to play. Round 1 is as follows:


xPieter v RingWraith

cane corso v NIGHTWING

LimeyYankee v Orpheus

Lupin Lives v CaptDS9E


So RingWraith is my first opponent. When would you like to play? I'm free most any time...

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Good game Calvin (not for me, I need to practice). Don't know what happened at the end, but I see you still got the win. Your damn D was a bitch!!


Was your game extremely choppy, or was it just me?


I am anxious to get another league started.....no fun going out in the first round.

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It seemed like our game went at 3/4 speed or something. Not so much choppy as slow. But playable :)


I just searched around the web for the past half hour & couldn't find anything on how the online stuff scores a lost connection. I would like to know.

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I went to the website and they have all the stats updated. Pretty cool. Not so cool seeing 3 turnovers and Calvin having 21 points off of turnovers. :bang:



I saw Calvin had an injury in our game and it shows him being out for four weeks. Does that hold true for the tournament or will he back for the next game? Just curious.

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