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You play as a young lady named Kate. She is sent to a small town in Europe to finish a deal for her firm. The woman she is supposed to make the deal with has died by the time she gets there and as she encounters more town folks she uncovers a deep mystery that will carry her through one big and enjoyable adventure.


Set in a small village that is known for its automatons (ie Robots but dont call them that in that game!) , Kate is trying to complete a purchase of a toy factory that makes thos very robots. Very unique setting and very unique story. Its an adventure game ala The longest Journey or Grim Fandango (ie point and click).


The game has some control problems, though the interface translated over well. Well worth the 20 dollar asking price.

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has anyone had problems with this game locking-up when it switches to cut seens.


well, while i haven't played the game long enough to get to the second cut-scene, i do play at 1080i and the first cutscene didn't lock the game up for me, though it did display incorrectly and one time there was a whole whack of garbage displayed on the right of the screen....


i really hope the game doesn't start locking-up on me.....

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Next time I play, I'll change the res to full screen, see what happens? When I first got it I had the res in the dashboard set to widescreen... bad move! cant see sh!t. now its letterbox and gets stuck in a blackscreen when changing to a cutscene once in a while. Just enough for me to say i'm never playing this again and ten minutes later I'm back!

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What he said:


Trust me Cal, you won't regret it, Syberia is a game that you and Leslie can play together as it requires more thought then action.


What he meant:


Cal, you can help Leslie with the big words.




Bhut, eye passed meye Huked on Fonics class just last yeer ! :cry:

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