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Going back to school...

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Hey again everyone,


As I mentioned recently in another thread, in a few weeks I'm going to return to graduate school to pursue something that's been a dream of mine for most of my adult life. I'm going to the University of Kansas to earn a Master's degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures.


I'm lucky enough to have done my undergraduate work at a University where I could achieve a high intermediate level of fluency in Japanese, and although I couldn't major in East Asian Studies there, I did earn a minor in EAS. I realized that those studies were more than just a passing interest and that my passion for the language and the culture was something I wanted to pursue even further.


After working for a few years in the "real world," taking a break to avoid getting burnt out, and earning enough of a nest egg to feel comfortable enough to return to school, I'm finally doing it. I'm very fortunate to have an employer who is willing to be flexible about my work schedule and to allow me to continue working full-time while pursuing my goals beyond my duties there.


I'm a little bit - okay, very - nervous about returning to school. I've tried to keep up with my language studies since I've been out of college, but I know I'm going to be very rusty for several months. And the hours I'll be studying and working (and commuting) are going to be brutal. I hope my girlfriend can forgive me. But I know it's all going to be worth it. I'm extremely excited to get into the swing of things - one of my first classes is going to be a graduate seminar in Japanese filmmakers.


Anyway, thanks for reading this long post. I just wanted to share that info with you all... I'd be very interested to hear anyone else's experiences with graduate school and how it affected their life...


And, I might not have a chance to frequent the forum as much I would like soon, but I'm sure I'll be in and out when I have a chance.


Thanks for your support, everyone.



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