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Pirates .3 is out!


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Attention soldi.....errr scurvy dogs!! Anyone still playing BF? The new pirates mod is out and its funny as hell. New maps, peg legs and a new class called the 'drunkard" that runs around with a giant beer mug hitting enemy pirates over the head with! A recommended download.


Here's a link to the Pirates website.




Here's a link to download the mod


http://www.gamershell.com/download_6517.shtml (no registration necessary)



And a few screenshots to wet your rum soaked palate.








Avast ye swabs!

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The Komodo's are even better now Black. They make a biting noise that sounds like something from the flintstones, not sure if this was in .23 or not.


There's even hot air balloons too that are great to fly. Its a treat floating high in the air, jumping out of the drivers position (so now your gently floating to the ground) and trying to pick off baddies while in the basket with your musket.

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