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Huge problems with KOTOR


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Hey guys,


I just got my brand new copy of Star Wars: KOTOR in the mail over the weekend, and I popped in the disc to play. After character creation...I can't even get past the first cut screen! It just locks up at different points in the first conversation and I have to reboot my Xbox!!! I have tried with a few different character classes all with the same result! Could this just be a bad disc? I bought this sealed off of Ebay, but of course, getting it exchanged that way would be a hassle, you think I can handle this directly with Bioware? Argh, it's so frustrating to get a game you are very excited about and to run into roadblocks so early!!!

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you could get it exchanged at Wal-Mart.

lol, i tried to do this with Pirates of the Carribean before I realized everyone was having problems. Thing was I bought it at another store and apparently Wal-Mart didn't even carry the game. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry...so i did both.

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