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Just when I thought it was safe to watch HBO again

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That last episode of 6 Feet just floored me. I expected David to get in a little bit of trouble, but smoking rock and almost getting killed :jawdrop:


That series was starting to get stale with the David/Keith slow-mo soap opera and Nate's guiness book of records run for longest wallow in self pity. Kudos to HBO for pulling this series back from the edge with a VERY unexpected episode.


What did ya'll think?

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Is it just me, or has every episode since the one that cause this thread also been really good? Things are actually happening again. It feels more like the first two seasons to me now (a good thing).


I used to really click with this show emotionally. It could make me really sad and really happy, and often did both in each episode. But then season 3 started and until the last few episodes I thought the show had really lost it's touch.


I hope this goodness lasts a while...

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