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Halo 2 Movie Trailer Mystery

Chris F

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For anyone who hasn't heard, in front of a few major release this summer they'll be playing a Halo 2 trailer. Until now tehre's only been a Shaky-Cam vide and a tiny direct-feed video floating around.


Not anymore.


720x540 | 640x480 | 320x240 Versions



Super, UBER 1080p Version - 1920x1080 resolution & 5.1 Sound!



Now for the fun part.

Watch the http://www.xbox.com link at the end of the trailer...

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what the heck is up with the i love bees site?? i dont get it

I don't either. But if you watch the main page, it starts to get "corrupted" somehow. And subsequent pages on that site exhibit the same features.


It's very odd, and I'm sure there will be some sort of tie in with Halo 2.

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If you read the web blog and the message she supposedly gets from some guy named "xnbomb" you can kind of start to see where it may be heading.


But let this follow its course? while it could just be some hackers being jerks, there is at least a chance that this is something unique and important and wonderful, a window on a world that we may have never seen before, nor will ever see again.




Edit: Oops, sorry for the double post about the blog. Ya snuck that one in there ahead of me. :tu:

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Theory: August 24th will be the date in the Halo 2 universe that Earth gets invaded by the Covenant.


The blog will continue after that date making tantalizing references to the devastation wreaked by the Covenant. The overall theme will be that things are going from bad to worse. Fast forward to Halo 2's release and there you are. Back story. Enter Master Chief against all odds, etc.


Perhaps it isn't a very good theory (especially because Halo takes place in the 2550's), but still. It's a theory.



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If you check out the comments section of the blog, people have supposedly viewed the source code of the ilovebees.com pages and found messages from either Cortana or Keyes. I can't seem to find what they're talking about but maybe I'm not looking in the right spot.


Also someone had a quote of 30 Wasps can kill 30,000 Bees in 3 hours. In the book 'Halo:Fall of Reach', wasn't their originally 30 Spartans?


Pretty cool marketing either way.

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I just read through the long yet informative thread over at Penny Arcade: http://www.penny-arcade.com/forums/viewtop...der=asc&start=0


The whole ilovebees.com thing is amazing. It's going to be fun watching it unfold over the next month or so. If correct, ilovebees is is building the Halo 2 storyline by bringing together clues from the Halo books, the game, and the old Marathon games as well.

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For some reason, some people have put forth the idea that a single player demo for Halo 2 will be released. I'm not buying it. They got it from the letters SPDR (SYSTEM PERIL DISTRUBUTED REFLEX), and multiple references to Spiders.


I'm of the opinion, that it means exactly what it says. It's a DISTRIBUTED RELFEX to a SYSTEM in PERIL. Faced with elimination, the reflex of the program would be to DISTRIBUTE itself, with a STRONG INTRUSIVE INCLINATION.


And, of course, that system would be fully operational on 08/24/04, exactly one month from tomorrow.

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By the way, there's a Gulliver's Travel's qute on one page, and a single letter is missing from the beginning of each paragraph. An 'A', and an 'I'.


The pages change everytime you refresh them, and then there's the images. Save the corrupted ones off, open them in a text editor, and there's a whole bunch of cumaltive lines of text in there.

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For anyone not following this extraordinary game I thought I'd post the following. Please note that the author is overly cautious in some areas. For example, it's now pretty much accepted this 'game' is being ran by Bungie/Microsoft and that it does have a lot to do with the back story of both Halo & Marathon.

Still, this is a great read:



*Quote Removed, please do not post entire articles from another web site, instead if possible post a link. Thanks for your understanding*


I don't understand. It was a quote from a post at another forum...not an article.

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I'm really curious as to what is going on here. I'm going to make every effort to avoid spoilers as to the actual game storyline, but if this is what I hope it is--a building of the backstory, tying the books and the games together while generating more hype--it really can't be considered a spoiler.


Plus, Bungie wouldn't release true spoilers for their own games, would they?


Did anything change now that the "network throttling will erode" deadline has passed?



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I don't think i'ts officially passed yet. It's today, but not until later. That being said, if you check IGN Xbox's mailbag, there's mention that there will be a huge story up today about this in some way/shape/form. Perhaps that's the erosion of the network throttling? Simply that other sites are now allowed to talk about it.


Gamespy, Teamxbox, and IGN (not sure about Gamestop) have all mentioned the Bees thing alongside the trailer. Maybe today, they'll all talk.

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I just checked it and it has eroded, there's a new message in the blog from Dana, new text jumbled up over top of the pages, and a very blurry pic of Dana as well. From what I can gather this Dana person will play some sort of role in the story, in the blog she says that it has "seen and skinned her" and she no longer wants anything to do with the site. She did a good job of sounding scared and that combined with the new blurry pic of her on the "about me" page tie in together pretty well. I'm getting into this and spending way too much time reading up on it on the various fan sites, way to go Bungie. :tu:

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Surely you guys know that the corrupted images have text in them by now, right? If you open the new big pic in notepad, called 'killer.jpg' it's got the following text inside it:



Something bad will happen.



If the recipient is Dana,

Please don't be freaked out

The Widow the Queen are trying to keep me in very bad shape as well

I can sympathize with you

I believe I can help you out, I can apply a construct to protect your core

Please! Please! Please!

Try not to worry) too much.


Keep your head up girl :)




There's a whole bunch of new text embedded in the source code as well. But I find this the most interesting:


I was looking at your site a little awry

and have found an innocent bystander.

Can you (?)

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All this cryptic stuff about Halo, and tying back in with the Marathon games has definitely made Bungie money... from me, at the least :) I found this post on Bugie's site and figured I'd give it a try, so I ordered the old Marathon games (in the Mac Action Sac) from them.


Such a sucker for stuff like this... at least for things Halo-esque.

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I have a new theory that this has nothing to do with Halo 2 at all.


At E3 and before it has been commented that Bungie was working on two new games: Halo 2, and something "entirely new" and would be played online. I think http://www.ilovebees.com ties in with that second game. Hell, I think it might be that second game. The reasons I don't think this ties with Halo 2 are these:


* This is taking place now, not 50 years from now. Whatever it is will arrive in 28 days or so, not 50 years waiting for Master Chief.


* The timing is right for Bungie to release this second game (remember they have two game studios. One was doing the Halo games, the other was doing ?)


* There are a few subtle Halo tie ins (like poster named Cortana), but I think that is meant to throw us off the real scent.


* Advertising for ilovebees on the Halo 2 trailer is a free way to whip up hype and mystery about both games, and keeps Game X from getting totally overshadowed by Halo 2. It does this in the most ingenious way possible: cloaks itself in Halo's marketing material and rides it's massive coat tails to success.


* Halo 2 simply doesn't need all this effort and lead up. It's going to sell through the roof as is, why both with all this effort (especially if you are still polishing the gameplay and wrapping it up?)


My guess: this new game will hit shelves suddenly in 28 days when the AI program goes "physical". I'm guessing it is a cyberpunk game in the vein of "Hacker" that uses XBL and constantly masks what is game and what is real. I don't know, but if I'm right I'm buying this damn game the day it arrives.


PS - Mods, can we move this to it's own thread? This discussion is going to very quickly leave the Halo trailer news and delve into ilovebees for I'm guessing at least 28 days. Just a suggestion...

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Originally posted by Snakefish@Jul 27 2004, 02:08 PM

* This is taking place now, not 50 years from now. Whatever it is will arrive in 28 days or so, not 50 years waiting for Master Chief.

You mean 550 years from now? ;) Halo takes place in 2552 (I think that's right).

(sorry for being so picky)


If it is for another game, I'll bet they're having a hoot at Bungie at the moment.

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