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Attention Allen and other Lindsay Lohan fans...


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She's apparently dating Fez from "That '70's Show" (there are other pictures from this series showing him with her):

Now that she has turned 18 and it is legal, Freaky Friday star Lindsay Lohan and her boyfriend Valderrama have reportedly gone public with their romantic relationship. It has been rumored that the two were dating since May. Valderrama and Lohan both insisted they were "just friends," because Lohan was only 17 and Valderrama is 24. Now that it is legal for them to date, Valderrama has been telling everyone that she is his girlfriend.
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Her waist is kinda flubby...


for a woman who people oogle like a goddess, of course..


I'm gonna have to go ahead agree with this. A little extra isn't bad if worn well, but she doesn't look like she quite works out. I think that's why so many people can over look J-Lo's booty, it's bigger than Lohan's but she's more toned.

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