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Halo: The Blood Gulch Chronicles


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"Just for the record: Rocks aren't people."

"Duly noted."


Send 'em $20 and you can get hi-res versions plus other goodies. I also understand that when BGC is all done with, they'll put them all on a DVD and send them to contributors...


"Simmons, get the Warthog"

"Don't you mean the Puma?"

"Yeah, keep making jokes, that'll win the war..."




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I just noticed this today...funny stuff.


Halo, Blood Gulch, the Master Chief likeness and just about everything else you will see parodied on this site are the property of Bungie Software and Microsoft. This site is not endorsed by either of those companies or affiliated with them in any manner. On a totally unrelated note, the authors of Red vs Blue would like to state that Bill Gates is as attractive as he is intelligent





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