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Gamers Nite Groove in NYC


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For those of you who stayed at home while it rained, here's a description from an attendee (SevereTireDamage from cheapassgamer.com):

Just got back, pretty damn cool. I was a 6' dumpy looking asian guy with glasses carrying a hunchback-sized backpack around the whole time. Admittedly I don't know anyone else personally who'd be willing to stay for 3 hours like I did, but live chip music is awesome c/o Bitshifter and Nullsleep. Gotta love a computer keyboard converted into a 8-bit KEYTAR, complete with neck strap! And bad karaoke from Bit, but ah well. There was a neat eye-toy style full-body motion capture set of games too done by a student at Parson's.


4 17' Widescreen LCDS with Sudeki were nice, as were the 5 other LCDs set up along with a 20' projection screen. It was clear where the big money behind this thing came from, with half the space used for the music and a big screen repeating a cool behind-the-scenes The game itself seemed to be an above average action-RPG, with great production values. It has that weird American-style-mixed-with-manga look, particularly reminded me of a PC game from a few years back called Septerra Core. What'd you guys think?


Cooler than that were the 5 machines with GITAROO MAN, VIB RIBBON, JET SET RADIO FUTURE, PANZER DRAGOON SAGA and ICO.


20' projected screens with 2-player Ikaruga and Viewtiful Joe are even more awesome.


A roughly 30' giant projection ROOM just for Rez was the !@$#!@#!@.


I loved the whole "arty game philosophy" obviously evident here. The chip music was great if you're into that sorta thing (like me), which was original music done for the Game Boy and NES platforms, played "live." That meant flash card linkers and other hardware connected to the original platforms and through a mixer. You'd be damn surprised how well the original GB can do snare and bass-drum type sounds.


Cute chicks with glasses who like Gitaroo Man are a pretty nice bonus too! Even if she totally kicked my ass.

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I totally missed it - got out of my martial arts class after 10:00, was sweaty as a ... um... was sweaty and just wanted to go home and eat something and pass out. Sounds cool - a giant projection of REZ sounds like it would have made the whole thing worth it.


Ah well.


However, I do declare that us NYC'ers MUST have a beer night. We can even hang out at my place.

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That sounds pretty damned cool. Nice to see JSRF getting play. If I played Rez on a 30' screen, I'd use the Dreamcast, not the PS2, as the VGA mode would definitely make a big difference over interlaced s-video on such a monster screen.


I am probably coming to NYC for a few days this fall, maybe I'll get lucky and it will coincide with a groove nite.

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